Applications for Enrolment

A New Enrolment window that opens in September and ends in December offers parents the opportunity to register for a place for their child in Scoil na bhForbacha. Parents wishing their child to attend Scoil na bhForbacha can contact the school expressing their interest and leaving us their contact details.Offers of places will be made in early January. Details regarding our Enrolment Policy 2020 can be read in above policies under the Philosophy heading. An 2024-2025-Fogra Iontrala-Admissions Notice will be issued on this site in early September.

Selecting an Irish Medium School

Why do parents choose an Irish-Medium School?

  • It is extremely important to them that their children are fluent as Gaeilge.
  • They recognise that children get a particular perspective on our culture and others.
  • Due to the pride developed in children in their language, their culture and in themselves.
  • An ability to speak, read and write fluently in two languages.
  • The excellent education children receive in Irish medium schools.
  • Raising of self-esteem and sense of identity.

Along with these reasons, there are numerous other benefits for children who attend an Irish Medium School. According to research on bilingual education following are the results for students who go through the system:

  • Better performance academically (Gallagher & Hanna, 2002).
  • Easier to learn a third and a fourth language (Cenoz & Valencia 1994).
  • An understanding and openness to other cultures (Gallagher & Hanna, 2002).
  • Improvement in cognitive functioning in creativity and communication (Bialystok et al. 2005).
  • Higher scores in English and Maths (Education Research Centre, 2011).
  • Enhanced awareness of identity, culture and sense of community (Baker, 2003).
  • Increased Self Esteem (Baker, 2003).
  • Bilingual Education enriches academic productivity, creative talents and self-esteem in students (NMABE, 2006; Cummins, 2000).
  • Improved communication and social skills (Cummins, 2000).